We live in a time when it’s easier than ever to tell everyone what you think and get immediate feedback. It’s also the age of shutdown politics and hate-watching, when our favorite sport seems to be the game of No, I’m The Most Outraged. But even though quarrelsomeness and connectivity seem to have increased, there don’t seem to be a lot of places you can go for thoughtful argumentation and reasoning that forces you to think, rather than simply inviting you to react. I believe that there are a lot of people who want to read something that challenges their opinions and shifts the lens through which they see the world rather than just sticking to the identity silos that pollsters and marketers might put them in. So this blog aims to present readers with novel or counterintuitive takes on current events and analysis that doesn’t hew to any party line or ideological orthodoxy. I think that interesting v. boring is a much more important dichotomy in writings than right v. wrong, so I always try to provide a take on current events that you won’t find in other sources and that isn’t exactly what you expect. I obviously have my own interests (politics, gender, higher education, and whether or not Cheetos are chips come to mind) which are often reflected in the topics of posts, but I also make an effort to follow what people in the culture at large are talking about and make a contribution to the conversation.

The title of the blog comes from Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, Chapter 16. Just one place among many where Hobbes’ ideas are completely at home in the internet age.

A little bit about me: I’m a philosophy teacher and a recent graduate of a Ph.D. program who needs an outlet for my opinions now that I’m not allowed to take classes any more. I don’t think my education gives me a better chance of having the right opinion than anyone else, but I do think it has helped me get pretty good at thinking through the implications of novel viewpoints and at spotting bad arguments.


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